Skill & Character Development

At Infinite we believe in skill AND character development equally. While most cheer gyms and organizations focus solely on the sport, Infinite focuses on developing incredible individuals who are driven, dedicated, and focused. From the moment our athletes and partners engage with us, they begin to experience the Infinite Cheer difference. What is that difference? It is the development of the total athlete through excellence in skill, engagement in community, and recognition of progress and achievements both large and small. Our cheerleaders are taught from day one the importance of passion, discipline and how to create and manage goals to attain success.

Unique Programming

Programming with Infinite is based around an inclusive values-based philosophy of providing each cheerleader a place to improve not only their skills, but self-confidence, sportsmanship and leadership values. Our coaches are certified professionals and passionate experts of their craft that care about the cheerleader’s development in all aspects of their lives. We work with teams to help meet their goals for competition and sideline excellence. We sponsor city-wide service events to bring joy and give back to the city that we all love. Most importantly, we create and celebrate the individual and the larger cheer community in Greater Cincinnati at new and innovative heights.

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